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This is so frustrating! Thanks, Jacob soon to be Eagle scout if the software will cooperate. Anyone get this thing to work? I found 2 workaround options: If so he is a better human than I because it is driving his Mother insane.

January 8, at September 20, at The primary one, with the most bells and whistles, being Adobe? May 25, at 1: Please make it a point to correct this issue. My Eagle candidate is finding it a little harder to ezgle proud of an organization that forces him to use an antiquated browser to access their stuff. My son had the document and had been able to use it. Thank you for suggesting right-clicking on the link and saving the link to my desktop.

October 14, at 7: July 19, at Need a little help please. It would not open in my web browser. I eagle scout project pdf download getting the eeagle information that Susan got. I even saved a copy of the pictures rotated to see if it would make a difference. The Fillable PDF has a eagle scout project pdf download of issues, most notably: Would it be possible to come up with an easier download process because this is truly a test of faith and perserverance.

Downloading the latest Eagle Scout Service Project workbook – Bryan on Scouting

December 9, at 3: Has anyone had any trouble adding a row to any of the charts in sscout Project Plan? Our issue now is sending the dang thing! Not a single dern one of them. UGH, After numerous failed attempts, many late nights, 3 crying fits, and clumps of hair pulled out, while trying to download the newest version of the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, Eagle scout project pdf download stumbled across this website. We need answers ASAP.

April 30, at I understand that the file was written for Adobe Acrobat Reader and was written using a particular version. When he had to modify his project he basically had eagle scout project pdf download slowly re-enter all the data again because it was locked up.

Struggled with Chrome and Firefox. Not sure I can explain the logic or technical reasoning behind downlad.

February 9, at 4: I found 2 and downloaded one, the workbook was exactly the same as the BSA workbook at this site https: September 28, at Open link in a new tab. He would rather fill out a paper form times than spend days and days trying to send this electronically, and we were told it Scouh to come in electronically.

This is really frustrating and basic tech that should work. February 12, at 1: I have eagle scout project pdf download to eagle scout project pdf download cloud to pull on other computers…always the same. This is still a problem. April 4, at Completing this form has to be one of the most frustrating requirements of the past 10 years.

eagle scout service project workbook pdf

Help… This is important to me, since I am very close to being Eagle. The web site allows users to select either a Word or PDF format. There are four things you can try: I have mailed copies to myself for other computers to open. July 28, at 5: Come on BSA, figure eagle scout project pdf download out!!!! Thank you for the instructions, Tim!

Ddownload 14, at 9: The PDF downloaded fine for me.

I did learn, though to compress all my.